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Sabina Catour

Double Action Rose Toy

Double Action Rose Toy

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High Quality 

Its warm color, fine and nice material as well as its amazing feeling in hand are quite gorgeous. It's fashionable and generous style will make sure that you can enjoy the orgasm and sexual pleasure with the toy, whether you are alone or share with your lover. Besides, its 100% waterproof design can assure the use in the bathtub or swimming pool and you can enjoy it to your great content. It is safe, silent and high-quality vibrator.

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Material: ABS+TPE Function: Female body massage. Power supply mode :USB can be charged. The feeling of super stimulation. Deeply relaxing massage. Button description 1.When the main power of the product is on, press the button of the remote control for vibration and tongue shock, and press the replacement frequency.7 different frequencies can be adjusted, and the power can be turned off by pressing 3 seconds long (for each switching frequency 2.Press the product button, turn on the light, and press the change frequency. Turn on vibration speaker function, can adjust 10 different frequencies, each time press the switch frequency key, long press 3 seconds to turn off the power.

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